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2017 ABOA Membership Requirements

1. Serve as a community ambassador for the American Cancer Society’s mission and programs through recruitment, social media, and more.

2. Achieve an individual fundraising minimum of $750 annual give/get for the calendar year of 2017. Fundraising minimums can be met through the following ways:

  • Silent auction item procurement for Discovery Ball and/or Skyline Soiree.  Solicitation packets are provided, and the value of the item donated to the American Cancer Society will be credited to your solicitations.

  • Skyline Soiree ticket sales.  Note that the purchase of an ABOA Member ticket does not apply to fundraising minimums.

  • Sponsorship procurement for Discovery Ball and/or Skyline Soiree. 

  • Online fundraising.  Members can set up a personalized ABOA fundriasing site and are encouraged to share this with others via social media and email.  

  • Host a third party event (ie: Jean’s Day, Bar Night, Bake Sale, etc.)

  • Personal check or cash donation (does not include purchase of auction items or raffle tickets the night of the event)    

3. Participate in your assigned ABOA Team to accomplish group fundraising goals.

  • ABOA members will be assigned to small groups of 6-10 members. 

  • Each team is lead by a team captain. 

  • Each team will meet regularly via an in-person meeting and/or conference call. Meeting schedules will be determined by each group.

  • Groups will strategize on how to meet collective fundraising goals and to support the Associate Board of Ambassadors. 

  • ABOA members must purchase an ABOA member ticket for $125 to Skyline Soiree.

  • Tickets are available here.

  • ABOA member tickets do not contribute to personal fundraising goals.

5. Active involvement including attending ABOA meetings, committee meetings, social events, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Members should make a consistant effort to be present at large group meetings and other ABOA events.

  • Large group meetings and social events take place in the second week of each month. 

6. Strive to volunteer for at least one American Cancer Society event.

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